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Stocks for rice and paella. Quality cooking with natural ingredients

At Beautifood, we offer our central kitchen to prepare stocks that will delight your diners. We are experts in professional cooking, which is why our products are designed for both the food industry and the HORECA channel.

Our products

Beautifood rice stocks:
100% natural

Chicken and Vegetable

Chicken and Vegetable Stock

400 g / 2.6 kg


Fish and Seafood Stock

400 g / 2.6 kg


Vegetable Stock

400 g / 2.6 kg


Valencian Paella Stock

400 g / 2.6 kg


Seafood Stock

400 g / 2.6 kg


Black Stock

400 g / 2.6 kg


Aged Beef Stock

400 g / 2.6 kg

Our outstanding qualities

Why buy our rice, paella, fideuà, gazpacho and broth stocks

Save time without sacrificing taste with our stocks. Maintain your quality standards with a product free from preservatives, made with local ingredients and easily integrated into your recipes.

Its high tolerance level allows you to increase the flavour simply by adding more stock, without making it too salty, so you can customise it to your preferred intensity.

You will optimise your resources by reducing waste thanks to its long shelf life and easy storage. Furthermore, you will increase your productivity by freeing up your staff from this part of kitchen preparation.

Serve menus for all tastes. In our kitchens, we ensure that our stocks are gluten-free, so you can use them in your dishes suitable for coeliacs without worry.

Quality in every dish

Our stocks ensure your rice dishes are always perfect.

Easy to use

Our method can be applied by less experienced cooks.

Quick cooking

Save time by completing 50% of the dish with our stocks.

100% natural

Our fresh, local ingredients guarantee an authentic flavour.

Reduce waste

Our measurement tables help you cook with the right amount of product.

Ensure food safety

Our stocks comply with legislation.

Long shelf life

Our stocks remain in optimal conditions for a long time.

Suitable for coeliacs

Cook for everyone, no exceptions.

Easy storage

Optimise your kitchen space with our containers of different sizes.

Contact Beautifood, rice professionals

Contact Beautifood professionals

Provide us with your contact details, and we will reply as soon as possible to answer all your questions.

Your custom blend

We tailor your stock to your recipe

Need us to scale up your recipe? Our kitchens will get to work to prepare it, and you can also customise the product with your own brand and packaging.

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